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CW-17 Product Page


Proveyor Wagon

What is the CW-16 Proveyor Wagon?

  • 24’ wagon bed with track on the side to move the conveyor from front to back
  • The conveyor can be run with the tractor’s hydraulics or a separate hydraulic unit
  • 12“ x 26” 10 ply low profile tires
  • Spring loaded hose reel mounted under the wagon
  • 8 ton Stolt wagon gear
  • Is a sturdy, custom built mounting device that attaches your conveyor to your wagon.
  • Is easily moved to any position on your wagon, front or rear to reach the tote that needs to be filled.
  • Can be easily adjusted by your packer to help the pickers with their work.
  • Can be adjusted to stay out of the way of the pickers to make their work less strenuous.
  • Eliminates one extra packer from the team.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Lancaster County, PA!
  • Conveyor works from hydraulics on the tractor or from a separate mounted hydraulic unit.
  • Uses food grade oil; safe for produce.
  • Hydraulic hose is reel mounted to adjust to the Proveyor being set in any location on the wagon
  • We custom mount side tracks, spring loaded hose reel under the wagon, and with other features to make Proveyor work with your implements.

Option Available

  • 20’ to 30’ wagon sizes
  • Hydraulic rear steering
  • Trailer style
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